Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Okay. so for the past 15 months i have lived in a basement. It hasn't been all that bad. In the summer time, I have found the basement rather a refreshing change from the smog filled outdoors. The nights have been cooler, but I like cool. The ceilings are low, but I am short, so it fits. It's pretty small, and for just me, it would be just okay, but for Jackson...we need more space! So...we are moving on Saturday! Into a house, which for Toronto, is pretty great! I am pretty excited about moving. and I like moving, not such a fan of the pack unpacking.

So here i am...packing packing packing. getting ready for my move. During my pack, I find this!!!! Yep. I am completely grossed out. I have the heeebbbeee jeebbeee's and wanna shower..expect the clan might follow. Do they come up the drains? where the heck do they come from? Oohhhhh...i can't say that I love bugs!! How absolutely gross is that?! Thank god i am moving on saturday! When I initially saw it i screamed Jack's hopes that he would come to my rescue. he didn't though. he just watched me run around screaming. sometimes when we get those teeny tiny ants jack will watch where they come from in the wall. he actually has the patience to watch tiny ants, but doesn't have the courage to help his human friend out when a gigantor bug with a gabillion legs comes charging at me! ggeesh. what is one to do with my k9 friend?

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Carmi said...

I cannot believe that crazy bug!!!