Tuesday, March 28, 2006

shortie bangs

i finally cut shortie bangs. I have been talking about them for awhile...but finally found the courage to cut them! I felt like raphunzel when I looked to the ground and saw how really long my hair was. I must have a pretty big head for my hair to look that long on the ground but that short on my head...hmmm...

I have moved. the unpack is comin' along. I don't have as much space as i had anticipated, so it's making the unpack a little slower than anticipated.

Jack is adjusting pretty well. i am most impressed by his LOVE for the rug! our place in the basement had hardwood floors with only a rug at the main entrance...and who would want to lay there? it was drafty and cold. but here....he found himself a nice big rug in the middle of the floor (convienient for the roomie and I).
He ate his dinner last night, so I have a feeling that he won't lose 25 pounds in this move!!

off to unpack the kitchen...wish me luck.

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