Friday, April 07, 2006


i love the weekends. not that i over-extend myself drastically during the week. but there is something that needs to be said about waking up late on saturday morning, sipping your coffee and curling into the sofa with a good book. Then, whenever you get around to it, or whenever your canine friend reminds you, taking a stroll in high park. a stroll, that isn't always rushed because dusk is breaking and who wants to be strolling in high park after dusk? not me....well maybe with jack on leash beside me...but not when jack is running around into the trees and 70 miles ahead of me. no thank you.

the other thing i love about weekends is cleaning. a slight obsession of mine is cleaning. when i am not cleaning, i always find myself looking forward to the next time that I can scrub the tub or wash the floors. something so therapeutic about cleaning for me.

let's see what this weekend has in store for jack and i. perhaps a stroll. some friends with board games. a good book (still memoirs of a geisha <--this is where you check out this date, and scroll down to the last entry that had suggested i started reading this title...geesh i had a move in there!). some good coffee. and good love. have a fabulous weekend.

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Maria said...

I miss those kind of weekends...Vince and I used to got to Starbucks and Chapters once we got our butts out of bed...