Sunday, January 23, 2011

crochet projects

My first crochet project
Whenever my mom was at home, whether she was watching tv, chatting with friends or just relaxing, for as long as I could remember, she always had some knitting or crochet project in her hands she was working on. Always.   She would make us hats, mitts, scarves, blankets, you name it (minus socks, she hated making socks) she'd make it for us.

I've also always liked knitting and crocheting, but not to the same extent as my mom. She was left handed and I was right. So i'd often ask her for explanations on stitches and things and she could barely have enough patience to explain it to her fumbling right handed daughter! FOr years, I knew how to knit, and would knit scarves. I could do scarves in garter stitch and that it's.

My second crochet project
My mom passed away a few months ago. And since then. I've taken a knitting class and know crochet. I feel so close to my mom when I'm knitting and crocheting. I feel even closer to her when I'm making her granddaughter (my niece) mittens or hats.  I'm still beginning. but it brings me so much peace and happiness. I haven't really done any other crafts since I've picked up the wool. I'm enjoying it that much.

Here are the two dish clothes that we've done for homework in my crochet class. The first, well, it's not very square.....but by the second...I have it down pat.


martha brown said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I really like how you've taken up crochet as a way to preserve her memory :)
I'm taking a crochet class at the knit cafe in a few weeks. I'll be making everyone dishcloths for the rest my life!

Krystine Lewis said...

Hi Billi Jo, I am so sorry about your Mom. I too lost my Mom about 7 months ago and did the same thing and picked up lots of arts and crafts. Once of my long time passions is crocheting. I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. Crocheting is such a joy on so many levels. Continue on your are doing a lovely job~