Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inspiration comes from action

an update. It's funny how I feel if I am not doing art, I shouldn't be contributing to my blog.

I am inventing a new possibility of having my blog reflect what I am doing in my life, this includes art...but is not limited to just art. Stay tuned.

So just WHAT have I been up too if it's not art?

Well. I have been getting very inspired. I visited a cottage for 4 days with some very dear friends. I actually wrote family then backtracked. they aren't my bio family, but rather my created family. hm. created family rawks.

I have been working on my health. I have a commitment through my self expression and leadership program to lose 20 lbs in 4 months and to be fully self expressed in my life. Self expressed thus far has meant when something doesn't go how I expected, or I am upset, I have actually been saying something. I have had 2 revolutionary conversations in expressing myself, just today! it's mind blowing how I have lived my life for so many years afraid of expressing myself. I didn't want people 'not to like' me. so i would walk away, totally not be expressed, but would vent to others about the actions (and almost lack of my own actions). So far--self expression is rocking. I am enjoying the ease and freedom I have.

And on the first commitment of losing 20lbs. I am down 8 already! In just 3 weeks. 8 pounds. It feels great. the words that are really hitting me right now is Inspiration comes from action. I am in action around my weight and am so inspired.

I think that might be my new motto : Inspiration comes from action.....

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

Keep up the good work! Bravo.
I love your commitment and determination. Your post inspires me to start again.