Friday, October 03, 2008


i like to pretend that the reason I haven't posted so long was because of a broken old computer.

I haven't really been spending a lot of time in the studio lately. Since taking my hours part time in the office, I have felt the need to 'find' something else. I haven't been focusing on anything really. just kinda dipping in everything. Which works, just doesn't produce any jewelry!

I have the next 4 days away from the office. I have a few odd jobs that I will be doing today and tomorrow. Other than that tho, i hope to get a good dent done in the studio and with my jewelry business. This really is the time for me to be focused on jewelry and making products....

so here I go. I have a commitment to complete 1 goal a day and move myself forward. That's so easy! I will post, over the next 4 days. Those goals and the completion!

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Maria said...

excellent! What's your goal today?