Friday, October 03, 2008

Goal of the day

Today's goal: To get myself organized. Like many other women I know, a clear space is a working space.

First space to clear - my head! I will make 2 lists today. The first being my to-do list for the holiday jewelry sale, while the second being my Christmas gift list.

The second space I am going to clear is the studio. I am very inspired to do a project, however, my sewing machine and supplies have all been 'put away'. When I was in resin over-load I needed space. So now that i have a few other projects that require other machines/space. I will spend some time organizing and putting away. I also need to do a temperature/space check. The basement was a-ok in the summer I need to insulate and make the floors a bit cozier for me, Jack and Jeff!


K, J, P, & M said...

There are Polly Dolly's & Mama Bear's to be sewn... dust off that sewing machine :P

Maria said...

wow - those are big goals today! You go sista!