Monday, September 01, 2008

missed me?

i haven't been so tempted to write lately. I think because I keep dismissing the thought of spending time on writing opposed to creating/cutting/sealing/pouring/drilling/sanding. I have now reached my capacity. I have spent 3 FULL days working in the studio. i haven't done much besides work on prepping for the show.

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly (aka the lowdown)

* the last 2 days have resulted in me having to through out the last 2 batches of resin. So close to the show, it made me have a small melt down. (The basement is too cool for the resin, so I kept getting cloudy bubbles). Unfortunately it took 2 batches of throw-away for me to look it up. The first time I dismissed it as an inaccurate pour. the second time, I knew it was something else. So now...I have to use a hot air dryer on the resin before it sets. The resin is actually the clearest now that it has ever been.

* i now have 14 necklaces ready for sale. and 30 sets of earrings (The healing line).

* i purchased another resin mould to help with numbers.

* I have moved some of the studio furniture. My neighbour gave me a gorgeous hutch to store items in. So i have put it in the studio, but have not dared to start re-organizing! I will leave that for next weeks tasks.

A while ago I was given the option to have a booth in the Toronto Clothing Show (september 26th - 28th) I hummed and hawwed about wether I should participate. Now seeing how much effort this junction arts festival. I seem to think that it's best that I didn't take them up on that opportunity! I will start to sort out the HOliday shows after this show.

Other than that. Jack turned 5 years told today. Poor muffin. He got 2 walks to grab coffee for his birthday....he will have to hold off until his momma's art debut for a full out rockin' dog party.

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