Saturday, August 23, 2008

Standing Room Only

I haven't been able to fit in a second into the studio in the last 2 days. Surely not being in the studio that long creates a bit nervousness and anxiousness around the show being....yep less than 2 weeks away.

So this morning, I grabbed some java and headed down to the studio for an hour or so before i head out for a wedding this afternoon. I guess cuz i have been so busy and away from the house, the boys all decided that they needed to spend the morning in the studio with me!

Toby slept on jacks bed. Jack is pictured here...under the table I worked at...and Jeff surely was sitting on a rubbermade lid that I laid down for 2 seconds while i grabbed some loose beads. Yes. My boyz surely missed me. We had a very productive morning in the studio. Jack made it much more hot than needed by laying on my feet. but it's hard to resist when i feel so loved.

I am off to a wedding tonight! I am wearing my dancing shoes....which is pretty exciting! I can't wait!

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Maria said...

its Monday NIGHT - where is your blog update?! I need to procrastinate!