Sunday, July 20, 2008


the rain is a wonderful for an artist. or well. an artist like me. when it rains i can cross off my to do list anything that is outside *cutting the grass, gardening, walking jack, etc* I am not thinking about a sunny day i just tossed away in the studio.

last night i made jack a bed in the studio. he has been visiting me but not staying for long. so i thought that it might have something to do with the floors. and i was right. as soon as he had a bed there....he napped beside me for hours! Jeff the cat keeps getting his nose out of joint by the number of others in the studio. it used to be just our space. now...all these others (mostly toby and jack) are coming down. he gets up quite the attitude.

off to mix up a batch of resin for some charms i am creating from the fairy tale book!!

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