Wednesday, June 18, 2008

yup only 3 days left

Only have 3 days left until the big on bloor show. You would think my posts would be consumed with to-do lists or freak outs. but not this time. I am not getting sucked in. I decided i would take whatever inventory i have, and not worry about it either way. Of course I have been making a lot, but I haven't been consumed with how many. or with goals of how much i want to sell. I have no expectations. I want to be surprised and delighted.

Last night I finished pouring resin in a set that i purchased from It is a sterling silver ring, bracelette, and pendant with a space to pour resin. I love resin. It's the best. The first set, I put a paper lining on the bottom. The paper didn't like the resin. Infact, the paper film bubbled up and caused a weird film along the top of the resin. I am wearing it today in the office. Not too sure how I feel about the paper film!

I will have a few sets available at the Big on Bloor Festival this saturday. After the festival, I plan on making some more resin delights!

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