Friday, June 20, 2008

a whole new world

for those of you in my immediate cirlce, you know how much i talk and talk about blackberries. Literally, for a year I have been humming and hawwing about how I would love to have one, but didn't really have an excuse for one (ie. My job isn't that encompassing where I need access all the time, will it help my jewelry business, or would it aid in any social function?) all were answered with a hmmm...not really. I could get by without one. I really could. and have. however, I decided to embrace that I really just wanted one. and didn't REALLY need a reason. like. Do i really need a reason to mow down on that second piece of cake? Nope. i don't. So. I indulged. I purchased. not only a blackberry (I could have gotten a free one had i signed a 3 year contract) but i purchased a blackberry curve (for a REALLY great price). It helps to wink and thank profusely an 19 year old telus sales rep. They dig that. After all was said and done, I walked out of the telus store (an hour later) with a new blackberry curve (which is a MP3 player, camera, video camera, calendar, text message, email oh and phone functions...and i am sure a whole lot more!), accessories, $135 fewer in my bank, and with a plan that rocks my world.

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jen said...

ah, the 19 year old connection. lol. i so get it now. happy berrying!