Thursday, June 26, 2008

why oh why haven't i been posting?

would you think i was lying when i said that my house was hit by lightening?! what about now, when I say that my house was hit by lightening and my basement is leaking and has water all over. now. now you think i am lying.

When my house did get an 'energy surge'..which in translation could be hit by lightening. With that, i have no internet or satilette at the house right now. both are relatively easy to fix (as long as i am around to let people in). So I am working on the schedule to have the repairs down to our internet modem, satilette recievers, and of course the basement repair folks (there is someone to fix the floors AND someoen to fix the actual leak outside). So my house is getting a bit of tender loving care in order to nurse it back to health.

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