Saturday, June 21, 2008

one down.....more to come

i just got home from the big on bloor show. i haven't even unpacked yet, and thought about how i wanted to update my blog.
the show went well. really well. i could handle a show everyweekend at this rate. ALthough i am not sure when I would be able to make all of the product. but i really just like being out, hearing feedback, and meeting with like-minded folks. It was great.
there are of course, things i would do differently. (signs, new table cloth, etc) but the biggest thing i noticed was my inventory. I have a lot of inventory, so it's not numbers. It just doesn't match anymore! It's fun how I go through stages, phases and designing woes. however, my inventory is now a big mish-mash. a bit of everything. some resin work, some chunk, some netting, wire work, healing gems, etc. so two things that i am going to work on.
1) going to PURGE. I love purging everything, however, haven't purged my jewelry inventory yet. What that looks like will come soon. I want to purge in 2 weeks. Its important for my new designs/business prospects.
2) I am going to specialize. now. it might now be forever. but for my next show, i will have all of the same. Ie) only resin work or only wire. I think it just adds to my experience as an artist. I like doing it all, however, i want to really master an area. I keep taking classes in many areas, but i really think it's time for......FOCUS.
FOCUS and PURGE. Sounds great to me! I can't wait to start tomorrow!

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