Saturday, May 24, 2008

still hangin' in

Working on a small business on top of 'real' life can sometimes be tricky.

I have created a bjo designs facebook page and invited over 100 people to be my 'fan'. In sorts, its simply another website, for people to get updates and see my latest products. I have 27 fans to date. which is pretty great! However, it's simply another avenue i need to update. I still have 'update website' on my list. Actually. I sometimes wonder if it's EVER taken off the list. Its one of those things, that after about a week, it's outdated.

So from the fairies...this is what i am wishing for (recently someone said to me "becareful what you wish for"....but here goes. I am clicking my heals, closing my eyes and manifesting the following;

* a handsome dog loving 'compainion'
* an accountant to do my taxes and keep my books
* a website designer to update my website weekly
* a massuiest (the dog loving' companion might also take care of this request)
* a publisher
* someone to produce my products (I would rather just design and eat cake)
* housekeeper
* contractor to finish the studio

I am going to garden and manifest me :)

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