Wednesday, May 21, 2008

flu'ed out

can you believe. i thought i had surpassed everyone. I watched co-workers, friends, roomates pass through the flu. all while I smuggly thought to myself. woa. i must have a great immune system. then. it hit me. I woke up at 1:43am on Monday (of a long weekend) with the onset of the flu. I don't think i had just any flu. I had the type of flu that makes you wonder about the last time you were ever this sick. the type that makes grown woman who have endured many feats in their life CRY. yes. I said it. CRY. can you believe? I spent all day yesterday in bed. moaning. vomiting. sad. i made myself stay awake from 8pm - 10pm in fear that I wouldnt' be able to sleep last night. however, i had NO problem there. i woke up this morning to my roomate showering (i forgot to set the alarm). and even then, with a late sleep in. I couldn't pull myself out of bed. Woa....I hope this is the end.

It's funny being sick. the world is put on hold. I remember thinking at 1:43am on Monday morning, how aweful a time it was. I was so upset for getting sick. I thought that it was simply the worst timeing ever. I am going to Halifax in only a week. what was my body thinking. Then my horoscope yesterday said "you could be in a better place, and you could be in a worse place"....aaahhh..the light. at least I am not slated to board a flight in the next 12 hours. Phil Booth is right. I could be in worse situations. So. I grabbed my pillows and blankets. and hunkered down on the couch for a day. I forgot about all of the piled up work I simply 'had' to get too. I forgot about all of the outside world.

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Maria said...

Oh Muffin. Keep your germs to yourself. Follow BRAT. Sleep. Take care of you.