Wednesday, April 16, 2008

spring fever

what a fabulous time. the weather is changing. the sun is shining. new motivation and inspiration to complete projects. spending time outside. vacation time is budding. love is in the air. you actually WANT to work out. it's the spring.

As an artist and someone who loves change (or physical change) my spring is going to be spent planning, plotting and devising the next few months. I will be in at least 3 shows this summer, along with re-vamping my website. Which will take some planning on my part.

One way to keep a handle on projects and outgoing product for clients is going to be building a "clipboard wall" in my studio. I will devise a 6 clipboard on my wall, and will post a project along with deadlines in each one. HOw exciting?! It will be the first project I take on in May!

I am off to 'spring clean' and do some much needed shredding...YiiiPPPPPeeeeee.

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