Sunday, April 13, 2008


this weekend consisted of a massive purge of the house. with the roommate moving out, it meant that we needed to sort and purge our basement. if you can imagine. the basement hasn't been sorted and purged since before my time. I have done a small portion for my studio, but there was (and still is) massive amounts of stuff to sort. we spent all day yesterday (3 of us) in the basement. sorting. purging. packing. recycling. goodwilling.

A few times I would come upstairs and would see jack. my beloved dog. sitting at the door wide eyed. After a few trips up with boxes. I stopped to think about it. Poor muffin. He has no idea what is happening. and I have no way of telling him that things will be okay. Animals will feed off of our energy. and while my energy hasn't been terribly stressed or concerned, I have to admit, i wasnt' myself...and perhaps out of sorts around the move. When I saw jack sitting there. just licking his paws (nervous habit) i decided I was going to take it easy. relax. spend time with him. and just let things ride out. if not for myself. but for the betterment of jack and jeff. poor guys are going to be out of sorts enough with their buddy leaving, they dont' need me out of sorting them either.

I am looking for ways to relieve their transistion. I know that me being relaxed at ease will in itself be almost all they need. but there has to be other steps and things we can do.

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