Friday, March 21, 2008

book obsessed

i can't seem to keep myself off of the following websites;

I dream about what books I will read next, I buy book obsessively. and can't seem to stop myself. I have good intentions. good intentions of reading all of the books that i purchase. i go in spurts, which i guess could be said for my whole life. I become obsessed with obtaining new books, then i spend a period of time 'catching up'. I go on a drought and in that time devour the books that I hungrily acquired just months before.

Right now I am in the feasting season. On my bookstand, i have the following books patiently waiting; Middlesex, the birthhouse, stumbling on happiness and water for elephants. I can't wait!

The books that i am captivated in right now are: Wicked by Gregory MaGuire! what a fabulous book with a great sense of imagination! I love it. And also, Eckart Tolle's The new Earth. I am trying hard to keep up to Tolle and Oprah's class. but it takes something!! Its not the reading a chapter a week, but also the workbooks and classes to watch that really takes something. But it's still a good time.

Off to read for a bit before I head out to clean a clients house today.

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Kindell, Josh, Paige, & Maple! said...

Hey Bjo! I've neglected your blog for some time now and just catching up... How terrible of me! At least I can go back and read what's new. I'm reading the Birth House right now! So far so good!