Monday, March 17, 2008

Bead Oasis

now. from the lack of posts related to beading, one would assume that it has gone the way of a doodoo bird. know what they say about assuming....

I have been beading like a mad woman. I have been trying to complete a really large peice which has already taken 20+ hours to complete (about half way). It truely is amazing what you can do with beads and bead forming. Can you believe, this weekend I purchased some beads to do my next topography (the one that i am working on now). I wanted to start it in creams and pearls as soon as I got back from the bead oasis, but thought i would hang tight.

I did attend the bead Oasis this weekend. now. it's interesting to see the progress i have taken and the different ways I now approach such an event.

A past version of myself would spin out at all of the 'sales' and pick up different beads that i have never used. My first time, I was soooo excited to see how inexpensive wooden beads were and how much of a deal i was getting, that i picked up stacks and stacks of wooden beads. Well. I still have a full rubber made of wooden beads!! Last year, I made myself go around first once before committing to purchase anything, and still stuck to the savvy beader who saved tones of cash by picking up beads at a really reduced cost. (which now, isn't really that reduced, as I have found a few whole sale suppliers online).

this year, what a different experience. not that I didn't run around like a chicken and in overwhelm. I was more concerned with picking up the unique and wonderful peices that I wanted. I quickly passed booths that were selling 'cheap gemstones' and wondered if they were knock off's. I mean, one booth had red choral for $15 a strand. For that price, either they are taking a huge loss, or in fact, it's not real. I didn't divulge in any of those hidden 'gemstones'. What i did find, and fell in LOVE with was Studio Indah from Calgary. They design clasps. and lucious clasps that are big, bold and gorgeous. I spent a good fortune on just a few clasps, but figure, it's worth the investment. All of the clasps i bought, I want to make pieaces for myself!!
I am simply in awe. Here is a few that i picked up!

I can't wait to use these to create some delicious pieces!! I also divulged in some of the much needed items i needed in my studio (wire, thread, crimps, and of course, the occasional bead;))


Anonymous said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE those clasps.

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