Sunday, February 17, 2008

right brain

today i had a class. my neck is stiff and my mind is wandering like crazy. this is how i know i had a great class!!

Tina Koyama from Seatle was teaching in Toronto this week. Today was her last class. So I simply had to particpate in the class. we did topography and the main point being...was it was free form. Do you get how hilarious it is for a bunch of self professed bead-addicts to do free-from? Lots were trying to find reason and numbers to count. The stitch we were using was a right angle weave. it's complicated. but. i pretty neat stitch. You can do a lot with it.

Regardless. Today, the task at hand was letting the right side of the brain take over and do its thing instead of the left. Most found it a challenge. I was pretty good at it. UntiL I started second guessing the placement of beads.

it was just what I needed to boost my beading! I slipped away for awhile!! I think I was perhaps making myself a bit wrong for not being into it. but we all need breaks. I am back. right side. back.

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