Sunday, January 06, 2008

defining my specialty

everyone has their thing. and creating jewelry is no different. if anything it is more so everyones thing. Lately i have been working on my business plan. trying to figure out where i fit into the millions of other jewelers out there. who am i?

I know who i design for.
the urban professional.


but what is my niche?specialty? I keep getting drawn to bead weaving...which is used mostly in costume or bigger peices...which isn't always condusive to wear with a suit jacket. but i get LOST in bead weaving. i love creating it. i don't love wearing it. I don't have or wear pieces that the weaving can go what does that mean? Then....I do wire wrapping. which people love. and I like creating...which is definatly urban professional...yet somehow...I keep getting drawn into bead weaving!! When I look at the inventory that left my place in the last 4 weeks...most was wire wrapping...however, i have none of my beadwoven peices left either. It was just that i had fewer pieces of them due to the time it takes to create....such a predicament....

I am taking a course in Febraury from an international artist who bead weaves...which when I think about it...I question if it's moving me forward...but man oh can't keep the needle and thread out of my hand.....

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