Wednesday, December 05, 2007

out of commission

for the first time since I started my inventory, I have not been able to make my quota.
I am really frusturated about it. but need to let it go. In the end, all will be fine. I was just doing so well with the numbers game!! Tonight i was able to complete 1 peice. however. i did get the house clean. which can be the biggest distraction at the best of times. The roomie and I buckled down and spent an hour or so cleaning. it's nice for the start of the weekend......
tomorrow. i will make up for it....i also need to head over to the bead store. I am running short of supplies (as you can imagine).
I also spent an hour updating my resume and pulling documentation together for the BiZstart program, which is a federal government grant for people who are starting their own business. It's a 1 year grant, that is a financial contribution dispersed weekly, along with business coaching, workshops and mentoring. It woudl be really great/helpful to recieve. It's due on Friday. So I ahve been spending a lot of time writing and editing. It should be complete tomorrow afternoon.
until then. i think i am taking the rest of the evening off to read. book club is fast approaching.

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