Friday, December 07, 2007


it's clear.
I avoid my blog when i am not producing what I want/or think I should be producing with regards to my inventory count!!
The last 2 days have not been successful at filling my quota. It's quite unfortunately really. Wednesday night was a slightly drama filled evening. which resulted in me consulting a friend and dealing with emotions. Thursday was spent doing some tasks for Student Life along with picking up materials and then attending an event for crafters at the Gladestone. IT was really worth my time at this point, as i got really present to my product and the way it has grown and flourished. I could have easiliy been in the show we attended today, and would have outshone some (not all) of the jewelry vendors there! It was really enouraging.
I am also playing to be into the Spring Clothing Show at the Metro Convention Centre this upcoming spring. Applications are due in January. so I am playing big!
Unfortunately, I have no inventory to add to the countdown. but noticing that my show is in exactly 1 week. I know that the number will rocket like no other.

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