Saturday, December 15, 2007

moving on

my show in brantford is complete and boy. am i ready to move on!! in fact, in the car i completed with the whole show. the upsets. the challenges. the wins. so i wanted to come on here and write about the complete way I live like a bachelor. then realized that some, might want an update on the show :P considering it has consumed me for the last weeks.

The show went well. There are a lot of things taht i would change next time. and a lot of things I would do the same! With the upset of the cost of the hall the event. I simply didn't make my money back. So it was a show, with a negative balance. hm. it's simply what happens. I put myself out there...I did A LOT of sales...unfortunately, my overhead costs were toOo large. It's all good though. I think in the long run, it will balance out. I had a few orders placed & I told a number of people about the weddings I can create for. A lot of people did like my stuff. The Saturday weather really killed us (so to speak) After 2pm there was no 1 person at the event. So i packed up early and headed it home. The drive would be too much otherwise and it wasn't really worth the risk of staying in the snow storm to sell a few more peices. I did have someone who was looking for my jewelry show up after I left...but he will be back. They gave him my website and asked him to check out the stuff online (which was nice of them).

anyhow. i don't have the energy to write about being a bachlorette and how I am constantly reminded when I am in brantford.

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