Friday, December 14, 2007

day 1 down.....

day one was more successful than i had anticipated!! so that's great news. With all of the last minute, unexpected costs...that certainly was the good news. I was busy with people from 5 - 8pm today! the rest of the day was rather slow. however, it was fabulous. I would say that I had 30 new customers exposed to some bJo designs goodness. well, i guess not all customers as they didn't all purchase...but perhaps 30 new potentials.....great news. I am almost at the 'breaking' even point...which will be a great relief. Shows like this are always a risk....somewhat calculated...but always.
I will be coming back to toronto on Saturday night (please cooperate with me MOther Nature) and will post pictures and add any left over inventory to the website......after that...I'm donzo for the holidays (minus the orders i have to fill)
YAY. i am in the home stretch.

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