Monday, December 03, 2007

day off

i am still sick today. so i called in sick to work. my throat is coated with razor blades...which I could endure, however, i also have a dry achey cough..that only accentuates the razor blade not so fun. I am famished...but all foods hurt to put on my throat. So in the meantime. ice cream, tea and hot lemon it is for me. ugh.

While i have been home this morning, it has taken everything in me to simply lay on the couch (i wouldn't allow myself even to knit)! I forget sometimes, how i keep going...even while I am watching tv. this morning was a treat after the inital pangs of 'i could use this time'. My bead table is safely stowed beside the couch, where it will get used tonight. this evening only.

I keep getting pangs of inspiration when I read my email and hear that so and so is attending my show in brantford. Or noticed that one more attendee has been added via facebook. or the printers email with one more question about my flyer.

I need to keep reminding myself that I need to get better before I can immerse myself back into anything....ugh. it's so hard sometimes.

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