Saturday, December 22, 2007


i cleaned all day yesterday. so my back is achy and sore. ugh. i dont' think i should do 2 houses in a day. it's a bit much. that is 2 showers, 3 tubs, 6 toilettes (if i just listed the bathrooms!)...oi oi oi. the good news. i got my very first panetone! again..oi oi oi. it's sOoo good! i had some with coffee last night. some this morning. where has it been my entire life? I have been missing out!

aside for eating panetone the whole day. I will also be turning our living room into a photoshoot. I would like to get the rest of my product online. I will be having a boxing week sale. There will be no shipping charges!! I also need to take some pictures of the boyz...they got some really cute antlers and santa hats that they need to get their picture taken for! Jack in the santa hat is really it's a mini hat (for the cat) so it's super tiny and makes me smile!

other than that. Its pluggin' away at the christmas list. I still have a number of gifts I need to make.

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