Monday, October 22, 2007

say hello to my dog

when i take jack for a walk...quite often he gets the occassional hello from passing by strangers. generally i say hello back, smile and set on my way. I generally don't think much of it. until recently!

This very handsome construction worker decided to stop out of his busy schedule to say 'what a handsome boy you have'. usually i would say thank you, look briefly at the stranger as i graced by. this time, was an exception. I looked up at him. and thought to myself, if this stranger is that keen on jack...I think with might have something really great in common!!

so i stopped to talk to handsome stranger X! he asked if he could pet jack. and usually this would be no problem. jack is great with strangers. however, on this day, we just walked past pizza nova where jack scored a really great piece of pizza crust...which he was guarding with his life. so i told the stranger that generally he is a very social boy, however, he just found a treasure that he is guiarding with his life. It was cute. the handsome stranger X then proceeded to ask the usual questions, how old is he? what kind? what's his name? all while jack was pre-occupied with heading home where he could take his newly found treasure to his bed to eat. As handsome construction stranger X is asking me questions, I felt like I needed to ask him know...make it a little more balanced. so I asked the following question "do you have a dog".

Answer "I just put him down, about a month ago " teary eyed stranger. "it's hard. he was a german shepard, like jack"....son-of-a. i just feel in love with a stranger on the street. I said i was sorry...and was mortified. I couldn't even imagine his loss. we spoke a little longer about the amazing loyalities of shepards...conversation flowing. I'm in love. jack is focused on getting outta to eat his treasure....then. a bomb is dropped.

handsome stranger X isn't sure if he is getting another dog because him and his 'financee' are moving intogether.

you have to be kidding? today my friends, I experienced true love in 2 minutes.

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