Saturday, October 06, 2007

long time

it's been awhile since i wrote in my blog. I guess because i associate my blog with beading/business. and to be honest, i havne't picked up a bead or a piece of wire in at least a month! not sure where that is leading me right now....considering its october and my busiest season is just around the corner. i need to pick up or move out. i have purchased some books on healing properties of I am doing some research I guess.

i think in a way i was using the "once things settle down' route. then. i suggested that it's the space...if i could just get my studio created downstairs...I would just be a machine.....and honestly. they are just excuses.

things are pretty busy. yes. but i think that i should be able to find some time to create and bead. I am going to allocate my monday to beading and studio org. everyone else will be feasting on turkeys and family...and I will be in my studio....sounds like a plan. I will bring left overs to heat up during my busy time.

I have also started a project, which I hope to work on tonight. It's a peice for my 30th birthday. I have 10 different elements that I am working on and manifesting for my 30th year. I have bought 10 mini canvasses and will paint/collage/draw/create a canvass for each!! i have a big open space above my bed for them. I can't wait. That's tonights project!

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