Monday, July 30, 2007

manic monday

last week i decided to clean all the houses i clean, in one week (i had a car so commuting was really easy) which means....this week is OFF. I have to say, i usually wake up on MOndays, pulling my butt out of bed wondering how Long i can sit and drink coffee for, before I have to trek out into city to clean houses. today though. is a little different! i have no where that i have to be! how sweet is that?!
I decided to organize my office and studio space considering that i will be having 'guests' over tomorrow night. so i will spend most of the day coordinating that initiative. i will also take photos outside in the wonderful natural light we have! that will be my day. I will need to go pick up some groceries and batteries for the camera. other than that. my day will be spent puttering and baking. Just what the doctor ordered. let me tell you.
I am very excited to post the pictures and update the website. Needs to be done big time. and I enjoy that it will be great.

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