Monday, July 02, 2007

almost there

this weekend i treached down to queen west and online to finish my inventory pick up for the show. I now have all that i need to get to where i want to be for my show. I have enough soft flex, creative wire, chain, baggies, beads of every size and production bags. It feels great to know that I am armed with everything I will ever need to get me through my first show! I should take a picture of my space!! there is bags and stuff piled up all over the place.
The great news, all I need to do now is bead away. with the addition of earings into my inventory, things seem to be speeding off at a pretty good pace. TOday I took the day off cleaning (i am going to try to put cleaning ALL into one day...eep. so every other MOnday will be beading day! while the other day!) So I seem to be whipping off inventory today! i have already managed to get 4 peices complete this morning (it's only 11am). Will need to take a break to cut the grass at some point though.....
Happy Canada Day.

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