Friday, July 13, 2007

2 days and counting

2 days until my very first show.

2 days.

2 days.

I believe i am well on my way. I took today off work at my full time job. so it will be a chao-tic day of beading and pulling last minute projects out of the wood work. I plan on wrapping up around 7pm tonight to go to cherry beach with jack and some friends. We will go swimming and hang out. It will be nice. I have to make 10 pieces today. and organize pricing and tags. which is all pretty doa-ble. I need to run out and pick up bags as well (i forgot to get packaging!! but that's what today is for really).

The rest of the day will be eating chocolate, beading and cleaning up the studio. When I get back from the show on Sunday night, i want to have a nice and clean space and not go into the beading area for a few days!! It seems as though lately, it's been my permanent space of residency. (although, I must admit it is prime real estate in the house!)

I will post pictures of the work and the festival on my website on Monday.

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