Sunday, May 13, 2007

the universe shall provide

lately i have been dumb-struck by what I have asked the universe for and what i have recieved!! i am a powerful being!! here are a few cases as to the universe providing things i wanted/asked for.
1) last week on my coaching call I noted that I needed a system to organize my customers, my files and my finances. This morning. a fellow beader emailed me (randomly and unsolicited) about this wonderful new software she found that has been developed just for beaders!! It has the elements that i have been looking for and is relatively inexpensive!
2) on the bus i stated to the roomate "oh man...we should have stopped to pick up some wine". and the woman sitting right beside me said..."here. have a free bottle of wine over at the vineyard!" and handed over a coupon for a free bottle of wine only blocks away from where we were!
3) i am going to brantford for the day. and i asked the universe (what can I do with Jack?) and no jokes. a friend who i haven't talked to in a few weeks called and requested to go for a walk with jack and myself. I had plans, but jack was available. She was actually more excited to see jack (she is missing her dog) than me anyways! So Jack will be spendign the day touring Toronto and frequenting parks with a friend!!
Have a great Mothers Day! Off to help my mom out for the day (in the garden and running errands!! yippee...haha) and then my sister is making us dinner. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder, if you need/want something....ask the universe. It will provide.

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