Friday, May 11, 2007


my days seem to pass thinking about ways jack and jeff integrate themselves to become a family. and slowly it's happening. tonight was their first time being left alone without anyone around...and both being free to roam the house. no one was hurt (that i can see) and everything is in place. it seems to be working.
the great thing about getting new animals (I am sure it's the same way with babies too) people offer up their advice and their suggestions. So almost everyone has told me to put the cat food up high where the dog can't get it. dogs like cat food (I would's 40% more protein based!) so. i have had the cats food downstairs (where jack is no longer aloud to go too (no hard feelings...he's never in there)) today i notice. my cat. has been eating my dog food!! hmm...dilemna to ponder. how does that work ? My cat is run by it's gut...and now eats my dogs food. the worse thing....jack lets him! it's funny. I need to take a picture of it. the dogs bowl is the size of the cat!

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