Saturday, May 19, 2007

just when you think the universe isn't listening

i guess when i'm sick, both my head and intuition are clogged. I have been really off. and focusing on what I shouldn't be focusing on....bills! i told myself awhile ago that i wasn't going to worry about money or bills (this seems to be the angst that runs me). So i have been trying to let it go. i see it creeping up every once in awhile. but it's not as prevalent as it used to be. My attachment to money has weakened as well. which makes being happy much easier!
so. today i was at the bead store picking up some products for samples for a wedding that i am creating pieces for. and because it's a wedding. i had to pick the best of everything!! obviously. so i picked up a string of softwater pearls that rang in at $45 a string along with a few other higher end items! I had a conversation in my head and worry surfaced. I quickly lifted that limit suggesting that the universe will take care of it. NO KIDDING. i paid. and there was jack's old dog walker! in september of 2006 she came up with some family emergency and kinda left me figuring out what to do with jack while I traveled for work. That is when I found it's a dogs life (jacks' day care that he LOVES). back to the dogwalker. she kinda dropped off the face of the earth as jack and I knew it. she didn't really get back in contact with me. and i didn't strain myself to connect with her (i did call to make sure her dad was well) but i never stressed about it because jack loved his new daycare. SO. today. she walks up to me and we had a really great catch up. It was awesome to see her! and then. the whammy.
She said " i think i still owe you money".
me..." realllllly?"
she continued" yeh, i think it's $100"
me "reallly?"
she said" lets go...there is a bank across the street!! let's do it now".
me" ummm...are you sure?.....ummmmmmmm okay. ...what a pleasant surprise"
then. i came back from the bead store. with a surplus of $12! like I didn't spend a thing. I contemplated splurging the rest with a starbucks drink. but i am still fighting that cold/flu/sickness. and my stomach couldn't handle any rich drinks right now.

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