Monday, May 21, 2007


it's amazing how just cleaning off a desk or cutting the grass can make me feel soooo much better, clearer and pulled together. sometimes i think it's all a hoax. that i use feeling organized as a crutch or something to blame what happens to me on. For example, if i didn't get something i wanted or didnt' finish something on time...i always fall back on the old excuse "it was because i wasn't organized". So i have been trying to get away from my obsession/excuse of being organized.
then i organize something else and it makes me feel so great and light and 'pulled together'. SO i am just going to stickin' to it... I need organization in my life.
My roomate has been harping me to 'relax' and just to sit down for a bit. however, when i look at how much i have completed. and how great i feel. i would never feel this way had i sat on the couch all day or read a book!! It's almost noon on monday of the long weekend. and I still have a few things left to check off on the list (mostly in the garden) but once those are complete. I am going to feel like a million bucks. It will make reading my book outside in the clean yard with freshly planted flowers/vegetables that much more enjoyable.

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