Friday, May 04, 2007

go big. or go home.

the roomate came home from work today (friday) and said "lets do the room change RIGHT now"....I was a little excited. a little concerned. but jumped at the opportunity to get into the big room one night sooner. after some patience wearing thin and some bed screws going missing. the rooms are changed. well.....for the most part. It is approaching 11pm and my sheets are still getting a good washing, i haven't made jack's bed yet, nor have i moved all of the roomates stuff yet. Hmmm...i didn't feel organized. but am trying to let go the fact that i don't always have to have everything pulled together.
what i love so far.
the windows.
love love love the windows.
I have a set of gorgous bay windows along with another smaller 4 windows in my room. gotta love that. the noises will all be new to us. and jack has already stuck his snout out the window to 'people/animal' watch. the room will just take some tender loving care tomorrow. it's kinda nice it was done today toO. cuz now when i go to volunteer at the bead fair tomorrow, it won't be so chaotic. I will at least have my alarm clock out and set up ;)

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maria said...

Yeah - Billi Jo - way to let go of being organized all at once! Can't wait to hear all about the room on Tuesday!