Friday, May 04, 2007


i have to admit. I LOVE change. I love changing around my physical space!! This weekend, infact, I have convinced my roomate to 'change' rooms with me!! how exciting? The best part is that the room is fantabulous and big!! right now my room gives me enough space to...sleep. sometimes get dressed. never do yoga or read. or just relax. so. very generously my roomate offered up his rooM!! Its going to be so great. I am looking forward to making jack his bed so that he can sleep in his own bed (right now my room isn't big enough for his bed...he's big!) so jack usually ends up in my bed...which really isn't big enough for both of us. I'll post pictures of my new room this weekend. I wanted my roomate to play 'trading spaces' and recruit a team and we would set up each others room. he didn't really want to do that considering i will now have the bigger room and he didn't want to paint or decorate teh bigger room (although he has 20 times the amount of stuff i do) so it would ahve been an equal trade. I guess some people just don't love 'change' as much as i do......

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