Saturday, March 17, 2007

sitting still

this week when i was sick, i really noticed that i NEVER sit still. i always have to be doing something. or i feel bad. bad. that i am not accomplishing all that i want to. on monday when i was home sick. i had this internal battle in my head. one suggesting that i should take that opportunity to clean the floor or work on my website...or at least while I was watching oprah can't i knit? that project is running late. i didn't give in. it took a lot not to give into myself. anyhow. i did get better. after i struggled myself tooth and nail. I really think i just needed some rest and some fluids. my body isn't as nice to me as it once was. (and vice versa)
so far this morning i have done 'nothing'. i am learning that i can't do everything. and it's okay. it is my own pressure that i put on myself. so i can take off that pressure.
i also decided that i am goign to do a d-tox. my body isn't feeling so well. i get sluggish and tired and the drop of a hat. my energy level is like a yo-yo, and i can be irratable. So i decided to go on a 12 day cleanse. I am goign to start on Tuesday. i have a board meeting on monday and need to have some flexibility in my diet. i also don't want to go into a board meeting feeling like pooh. apparently the first 3-4 days will be my body will be digging up toxins that have been in my body for a while. after that i will feel much better. I won't be able to eat wheats, flours, dairy or anything fermented for 12 days. it is goign to be a challenge...but well worth it.

off to watch some episodes of the 'real world - Austin' ....(how is that for sitting still for you?! i have allowed myself to knit while watching it though...)

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