Wednesday, March 14, 2007

new budget = less lattes

i started a new budget. this far. the only thing i have noticed is the lack of lattes in my life. i am allowed $5.00 a week in coffee shops (i am afraid to admit how much i CURRENTLY spend at starbucks and second cup). So. if I want. I can have 1 latte. a special treat or i can split it up on a few occasions. like this week. I had a tea last night. not so bad. $1.35. coffee this morning. $1.70 not horrific as the $4.80 latte i usually gulp down. not to mention the calories. so it's a good thing (i am still trying to convince myself). I do have to admit, I enjoyed the coffee more than i had anticipated. I love taking jack for a walk to the starbucks/second cup. and strutting back sipping a hot beverage or stoping at the park for jack to 'smell the roses'....or i think he probably 'waters the roses' more.

i think the second area that i notice will be beads. or groceries. I can't figure it out. both have been cut. so we will see which one i notice first.

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