Thursday, March 22, 2007

day three coupled with a jack story

today. tired. and not feeling so great. i need to sleep.
today i picked jack up from day care. was walking him home. when a pitbull from down the street got out of his yard. every morning we walk by the house and the dog consistently barks at us like crazy. so. the dog is out of the yard. lunges at jack with crazy teeth showing grin. and trys to mount jack. jack. well. he is running (no jokes!) running away (thanks jack) but thank god is on his leash. so. i did what i do. i YELLED at the dog. I never yell. like my throat is sore now. and the dog immediately backed away from jack and i. I said "go home now!" and the dog didn't really know what that meant, but knew that i wans't going to take his crap. he bowed down and went to sit on the sidewalk. amazing. I just glared at him like "you aren't touching my baby". and the dog just sat there (that and I am sure he is a good dog). now though. thinking back. I am amazed at myself and the way i dealt with that. had i not had a dog (well, I doubt the dog would have lunged at us to begin with) but I would have NEVER taken charge that way. i wouldn't have known to dominate the dog. so. now that my adrelanline has been pumping, I am sure a headache will ensue shortly.
jack has a whole new appreciation for his momma now ;)

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Kindell & Josh said...

You GO momma Bjo!
I totally understand the adrenaline pumping yellingness when some B$tch dog tries to push your baby around... And yes our canine companions DEFINITELY hold a whole new appreciation to their mommy's when we show them how tough we really can be!