Wednesday, February 14, 2007

what i love about jack

kindell you inspired me to make a list of all the things i love about jack. as you listed on your blog all the things you love about maple.

the way he lies beside me in my bed. it's like i'm never alone
the way he opens the backyard door and lets himself into the house
i love the way he greets the neighbours
the way he makes strangers fall in love with him on the subway
how he befriends people on the street
how excited he gets on snow falls
how he makes me feel like a kid when i play with him at the park
how when i walk him, he will rub his snout on my leg, to show me he is paying attention
the way he is always excited when i come home.
he never cares if i am cranky, mad or sad. he is still a consistent source of love
the way he kisses away my tears
the way he uses his yawns and voice to communicate
the way he never climbs on the bed without being invited
the way he whines when I take up the whole couch and he wants to join me
the way he chases pigeons. not to chase pigeons. but to take their bread crumbs
the way he chooses to play with all the mini dogs at the park. never the large ones
the way he tries to smell my belly button
his huge body wiggle when he sees our friends
the way he uses the fence that seperates our yard for cars, as his personal bathroom divider
the way he cuddles on the couch
his human voices
his affinity for cats
the way he never lets me feel alone.

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Kindell & Josh said...

Perhaps Jack & Maple are kindred spirits... they sound so alike. Aren't we lucky to have such wonderful bestfriends?