Tuesday, February 13, 2007


i discovered ebay. and might be an addict. currenlty. i have bought a new zip drive for the office. we looked and looked and looked for one in stores. and well. since they are obsolete it was costing us over $100 to purchase at tiger direct, future shop or best buy. on ebay. $18.00. yes. $18.00! i had to pay more in shipping than for the actual drive! that's okay. $43.00 later. and we will have a zip drive to convert all those files. how exciting?!

also. i have 1 necklace posted for an auction. I'll see how it does on the world wide web. I'm setting work up with an accoutn, and we are 'cleanin' out shop! putting old ink cartridges, old computer parts and possibly the old (and many) posters/campaigns we have kickin' around. so the online world is pretty glamourus to me. i love it.

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