Friday, January 05, 2007

my love

when i was home in brantford, I took a trip to walmart with my 8 year old nephew. I promised him, if he was good, he could choose a 'treat'. not sure if this is entirely to best role modeling, but it worked wonderfully.

after we were finished picking up the stuff that I was there to go. I turned to him and said..ok buddy, it's your turn. he takes my hand and leads me to the back CRAFT Section. I was absolutely thrilled. he then picks up a gigantic ball of yarn and carefully selects the color combination in the ball. he then turns to me suggesting that he has his treat picked out. I ask him "what he is goign to do with a gigantic ball of yarn" and he replies "I wanted you to make me a blanket". how could anyone ever say no to that. So i take the ball of yarn and suggest it may take awhile. he says nonchelantly "that's okay". His birthday is on February 2nd. It would be great to have it finished for him then. I will patch his name onto the blanket making it that much more special. can you believe how cute he is? he definately knows the way into his auntie's heart!!

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