Friday, December 08, 2006

it's friday!!

Every once in awhile i get a horoscope that really sings to me.
today is that day.
"The everyday rhythm of your life picks up the pace during the coming weeks -- and it's not just about the holiday season. You may find yourself taking a more philosophical approach in your conversations with friends. You will likely try to accomplish more than is really possible, without being too concerned with actually finish anything. It's all about your attitude these days. Keep it positive and you can get through even the toughest challenge. "
between work, cleaning houses, and bumping up the jewelry business, I have never felt more active, alive and oddly enough, independent. it is such a great feeling to be able to create amazing pieces that sing to people. cleanining houses is really just my therapuetic component to my life. It certainly keeps me active though.
It's friday! I will have a busy great weekend getting ready for next weekend. THe oven will be baking some cookies and treats while the tv will be on (hopefully watching christmas specials...but i can picture the wedding planner being on yet again). and jack sitting at my feet while i bead and create wonderful pieces. I have some landmark seminar leaders evaluation that I will be attending on Saturday for a few hours, but other than that...I'll be preparing like a mad woman! i have 1 more shipment that needs to go to brantford. then the rest is all for the 'open house'.
i love fridays.

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