Tuesday, December 19, 2006


one thing about working with the youth culture of today, is keeping up with the trends. I have been asked a few times in the last 2 weeks (i think mainly due to those Mac vs. PC commericals) what the term "Emo" is. this was my description "you know, short in the back, long in the front hair, black, spikey, in our terms grunge vs. mod/artistic). but in an attempt to summarize what Emo really is....I have completed this summary below about what EMO is.....once and for-all :)
Emo originated from the term "emotional hardcore", or emotional punk rock. referring to music. It has since encompassed a whole sub-culture.


  • Some pointers about emo fashions (above simple, universal hardcore attire)
    the Emo Romulan look - short, thick, greasy, dyed-black hair with bangs cut straight across the forehead, and cut high over the ears. Someone from Time In Malta recently described to me the San Diego Crimson Curse scene as "Spock Rock."

  • actually, any greasy dyed black hair. Bangs in front and spikes in back is very emo too.

  • horn-rim glasses, or at least thick black frames.

  • bald head, furry face (boys only). Goes especially well with horn-rims.

  • heavy slacks, often too tight and short.

  • thin, too-small polyester button-ups in dark colors, or threadbare children's size t-shirts with random slogans.

  • Button the collar if you got one.

  • clunky black shoes

  • scarves

  • gas station jackets. This has diffused a lot over the years though, it's no longer exclusive to emo kids. Nowadays, you may want to select a nice corduroy denim jacket.

  • also classic outerwear but quickly diffusing to normality: the famous Blue Peacoat

  • make-up (male or female)

  • too-small cardigans and v-neck sweaters

  • argyle

  • anorexic thinness. Veganism helps here.

  • Converse/tennis shoes

  • http://www.dobi.nu/emo/


is very independent. more mainstream bands consist of beck and radiohead.

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