Tuesday, October 31, 2006


i am cleaning the basement. *sigh* it's a big job. I originally put one day aside to get the basement ready. silly silly girl.

I need to take pictures to show you the progress on the 'studio'/'basement'. the great thing is, that this space really will be a great studio. Although it's in the basement, i have a door to outside, some lights and a big window (that opens). ....so if i decide (or i should say when) to use toxic chemicals. I can simply open the doors and windows! it's perfect. Right now i have the dehumidifyer on full force. I have swept up tones of dust...so I will let it lay for the night. Not to mention the rain storms we are going to have with all the daddy long legs i have stopped in teh basement.

hopefully tomorrow i will be able to do my first peice in the studio. will keep you posted. It will be great to leave my stuff out. Leaving beads and jewlry out where people are trotting around; isnt' always the smartest thing. so it will be nice to have my very own space to leave everything all over :) in a neat/creative kind of way.

will post pictures as soon as I am up and running.

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