Saturday, October 28, 2006

my feet hurt

if i had any ambition whats-so-ever right now. i would take a picture of my swollen sore feet to show you. then again. i doubt anyone wants to see my feet. i spent this rainy saturday afternoon delivering flyers for frances's ( campaign today. it is days liek this when my obsessive compulsive shines through....I couldnt' stop until the point of exhaustion. i pushed poor vanessa and shirley pretty hard. It's going to be a great nights sleep tonight.

amidst campaigning. we had a car stop us. an older man proceeded to talk to us about the election. which was great. but then wanted to tell us how proud he is of the youth today. at first, i thought he was insane. but then really listened to him...instead of letting that little noise in my head rule the conversation by dismissing him as being crazy. I really listened to him. I could hear what he was saying opposed to that voice in my head. I was pretty proud of the accomplishment of really being present and focusing on him. I mean he even had some pretty great things to say. i mean he could have kept driving past us on this rainy day. but instead, he stopped. talked to us. empowered us. praised us for making a difference and getting involved and then gave us some cheesy quotes. it was quite nice (after the intial thoughts of what the heck this man wants/needs from us....and initially even thinking that he was part of another campaign for another candidate!)

that was my saturday. i also need to do some laundry. i have huge piles of laundry. a dirty room. and a basement to organize (gotta get my studio set exciting!!!) so gotta get these blistering feet off the computer....

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