Monday, September 04, 2006

greedy for more.

sometimes i feel greedy. i just had a great long weekend (despite cramping and having a wicked sore throat) i couldn't have asked for a better weekend. the thing is, i wine & get sad thinking about going back to work...or rather this weekend ending. not so much the fact that I am going back to work, as much as this weekend ending.
my boy is officially 3 years old. (or 21 in doggie years) he was really great at his party & even better the whole weekend. it's funny cuz when I am sick, it's almost as though he is as well. he really just lies in bed with me and is my sick companion. i bet he likes it too. instead of him laying around all day by himself, his momma is lying aroudn too. cuz really, this is what jack does everyday (minus the 1 hour he goes out with the dog walker). he's a stinker.
back to revel at the rest of my weekend. there is one chore that is sitting and staring at me...but i am bucking it wildly trying to forget it. there is no way i want to cut the grass. some weird reason, this year our grass has turned into crab grass. so it's now very thick and intense to cut. we have those little blade rotary you have to push REALLY hard to get through all the crab grass. I figure if i just close the front door and use the back door, i won't notice that it's not finished! hmm...
off to finish most of the chores so that i can watch teh beverly hills 90210 marathon today. i am going to do some bead work/craft this afternoon! makes me excited.

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